Barrier Tips

Universal pipet tips are made from purepolypropylene

Eco-friendly small empty pipet tip trays are manufactured from recycled polypropylene. The trays are autoclavable, enabling reuse for maximum sustainability.

When combined with ESP™ reload systems, these tip trays reduce plastic waste by up to 90%. The trays provide superior stability, firm placement, and a maximum space saving design.

The thin wall design ensures an optimal seal and easy ejection with industry leading pipettors. Eco-friendly racks are made from recycled polypropylene and feature a unique compact packaging configuration that reduces the carbon footprint.

BT Neptune Compatibility Table small

Filter Tip Neptune Compatibility table large


Certified free of

  1. RNase
  2. DNase
  3. pyrogens
  4. PCR Inhibitors

Manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Each and every lot is tested for accuracy and precision, ensuring superior quality and compatibility.

All raw materials are controlled.

Ordering information:

Bulk orders are packaged 1000 tips per bag. Rack & Stack packaging contains five inserts of 192 tips.